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Hardware: General

The system is unable to boot and it seems lack of power.

Please check the power adapter's connection and test with a working adapter from another unit if needed.

The system is unable to boot and is accompanying with a continuous beep sound.

Please clean the RAM socket and re-install the RAM following the Quick Installation Guide.

What is the reason for the "No bootable device" message displayed on my screen?

Kindly disconnect all external USB flash drives and proceed to verify if eMMC is enabled in the BIOS menu.

There is no display on my screen.

Please ensure the monitor cable is properly connected or try re-plugging it. If the issue persists, consider testing another monitor or using a different DisplayPort (DP) port.

What could be the reason behind USB port's inability to work with certain USB devices?

The USB 2.0 port provides a standard power of 500mA, while USB 3.0 offers 900mA. However, external USB HDDs or DVD-ROMs typically require more than 500mA, exceeding the standard specification. For such USB devices, an additional power source is necessary. 

Why LAN port doesn’t work?

Kindly verify the proper connection of your Ethernet cable or try re-plugging it. If the connection issue persists, consider testing another Ethernet cable.