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Software: BIOS

How to Load BIOS default?

To access BIOS menu: please follow the below steps.

  1. Press “Del” key to BIOS menu, then Select Setup Utility -> Press “Enter” key1.Press “F4” key2
  2. Load Optimal Defaults -> Select “Yes”
  3. Press “F10” key to save change and exit -> Select “Yes”
How to update BIOS?

First is to set up the Environment:

Prepare and format a USB flash drive to the FAT32 file system.

Unzip the file UA-05112023_SecureFlash.zip into the USB drive.


  1. Insert the USB drive and then boot up the unit
  2. Press “Del” key to BIOS menu
  3. Select Setup Utility -> Press “Enter” key
  4. Select Security -> Enforce Secure Boot -> Disabled
  5. Select Boot -> USB Boot -> Enabled
  6. Press “F10” key to save change and exit -> Select “Yes”

The system will reboot twice, after that Press “Del” key to BIOS menu.

Select Boot Manager -> Select the USB and then Press “Enter” key.

Press “ESC” key, then find your USB device from the message.



Key-in FS2: (your USB locate) then press “Enter” key.
Key-in ls for search file.
Key-in SecureFlash.nsh then press “Enter” key.



BIOS will be flashed automatically during the process.